Delta Chi Chapter at LaGrange College

Kappa Delta

Our Chapter

The Delta Chi chapter of Kappa Delta was founded by women who aspired to make the most out of their years on LaGrange College's campus. While we are all extremely involved in life outside of Greek Life, from participating on campus as a Presidential Ambassador or student athlete to working individually with a professor on an undergraduate research project, we have all found a common bond in Kappa Delta.  This circle has become a place where we can stand fast with other women and unite behind the same goal. From the moment our new members accept their bid cards, we welcome them into our loving circle of sisterhood. Our chapter strives to inspire each member to reach her full potential inside and outside of Kappa Delta through campus involvement, academics, leadership and social opportunities, and, most of all, everlasting bonds of friendship. 

“Kappa Delta is a unique bond between women created by love, respect, honesty, and support. Kappa Delta encourages women to explore and learn about themselves, in order to become the best women possible. Sisterhood within the Kappa Delta circle teaches and prepares women for life by educating sisters to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Within the Kappa Delta circle, you can be accepted for who you are and are not expected to be someone you’re not.”

- Jennifer Burroughs Atkinson - Zeta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta